Endless Pass Agreement


This Agreement is for the Legends Endless Pass vehicle that is registered with Legends Express Car Wash.

The registered vehicle will get a Legends Endless Pass placed on the vehicles wind shield. This will entitle this vehicle to receive ONE Legends Wash per day and use of unlimited vacuums at any Legends Express Car Wash.

Membership Commencing date, ________/________/________ (subscription date), until next month, and thereafter for each subsequent month for which membership is renewed.  The Legends Endless Pass is to be used on the registered vehicle only.  Use of the Legends Endless Pass on another vehicle other than the registered vehicle is grounds for termination of membership.

Wash Selection
Legends Endless Pass members will receive one wash per day.  Customer has the ability to customize their wash from a list of other services for an additional charge.  The upgrade menu will have additional items for purchase with amount indicated.  When additional items are selected an additional payment will be required.

Legends Endless Pass Installation and Removal
The registered vehicle will receive one RFID Legends Endless Pass placed by a Legends Express Car Wash Employee only.  The Legends Endless Pass will be placed on the left inside windshield.  Upon cancelation of the membership I agree to remove the Legends Endless Pass from the registered vehicle and destroy the Legends Endless Pass RFID. I acknowledge that removal of the RFID or damage to it is likely to make it non-functional.  If the RFID is removed or damaged, Legends will provide and install a replacement at a cost of ($10.00) provided the subscription is paid through the following month.

Until the Legends Endless Pass membership evidenced by this Subscription Agreement is cancelled, I agree that for each subsequent month Legends Express Car Wash may charge my credit card on the Subscription Date each month for the indicated amount, as it may be adjusted from time to time for additional services.
In the event my credit card expires or it is otherwise limited by the issuer and Legend Express Car Wash is unable to charge the credit card in accordance with these payment terms, I will promptly either renew the credit card or provide an alternate credit card. I understand this can be done at legendscarwash.com.  If I do not, I agree that Legends Express Car Wash may deactivate my registered Endless Pass.  I also agree that I waive any and all right to withhold or delay payment of the related credit card charges.

Changes to the Subscription Agreement
Legends Express Car Wash reserves the right to cancel, amend, or change the benefit, pricing, and/or terms of this agreement at any time upon prior written notice.  Legends Express Car Wash reserves the right to cancel membership at any time.

Cancellation by Subscriber
I understand that at any time I may cancel my Legends Endless Pass Subscription by calling (855-777-WASH) 9274 or going to Endless Pass Maintenance. The plan will be canceled immediately and you may continue to use your membership until the next billing cycle.

I understand that Legends Express Car Wash will deactivate my Endless Pass and no proration of my final months payment will be made.